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Pourquoi l'Afrique n'assure-t-elle pas l'instruction de ses filles?

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Claiming the #MeToo and #OutYourPig movements for women in Africa

About 200 people went on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya to protest after a viral video showcased a group of men stripping a woman who wore a miniskirt. While stating that ALL African women are harassed publicly, the blanket statement is closer to the truth. As a survivor of public harrassment experienced in my country, I chose to join my voice to the millions of women across the globe who speak up through Twitter-based movements such as #MeToo and #OutYourPig. Whether they are models or aid workers, women face harassment at work in the West.

As a Cameroonian woman, not only I witnessed harassment of other women more than once, but also I endured this. And to be honest, experiencing violence is a way of life for most women in Cameroon. For instance, a former supervisor publicly stated derogatory terms about me in front of my colleagues. Some male colleagues, seeing that the former supervisor had no respect for me, didn't hesitate to treat me the same even thou…

A father must be the number one fan and supporter of his daughter's education

The words and the actions of  my father, my brothers as well as my male relatives and friends played a big role in shaping my character. Nevertheles, my loving relationship with my father has been the most important one of all.

My father was the first man to offer me flowers. When I felt discouraged, my father often tried to find the right words to encourage me. Even when he didn't  share my viewpoint, my father listened to me and allowed me to express myself freely during our conversations.

The healthy relationship I still have with my father has boasted my self-confidence and partyly helped me to be come the well-balanced woman I've become. When I shared my passion for women's issues to him and my willingness to get involved, my father took me seriously. My father told me that advocating for girls and women was a noble thing to do. Over the years, my father has remained a role model of leadership, generosity, and intellectual curiosity.

Like my fat…

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