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China, a new colonial force in Africa?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently warned African leaders of a a "new colonialism." Even though she did not mention China but everyone assumed it was the case. I posted a related article Clinton warns against "new colonialism" in Africa on my Facebook page and to my surprise, the post generated a high number of comments. As a friend commented, Mrs. Clinton has a point here. Nevertheless, Clinton is in Africa on a U.S. trade drive (AFP). 

Like China, the U.S. aspires to invest and to expand trade in Africa. I came across an article that claims that China is doing a good job in Africa (China Daily). The author explained that "China waived most debts African nations owed to China. China invited every African nation to a summit in Beijing to discuss how China and Africa could cooperate and develop together." I also visited teh African Union's  (AU) website and under the "partnership" section, one can read that the  AU has developed partnerships with the U.S.A and China. This implies that African nations are working with both countries. Do you agree with Mrs.Clinton that African nations should watch for a "new colonialism"? Source of the picture


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