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'They Say' vs. 'We Say' (About Africa)

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Chinua Achebe, the revolutionary Nigerian writer

Africa is all over Solange's new music video

'We Found Love' - Lindsey Stirling [Video]

Wangari Maathai forever

Wangari Maathai pour toujours

Irma, the new musical Cameroonian star

Irma, la nouvelle étoile musicale du Cameroun

Somali humanitarian "Mama" Hawa wins 2012 Nansen Refugee Award

Global Voices wins highway Africa award

Africa is rising

Somalia elects a new President

Our image of Africa is hopelessly obsolete

Theo Sowa on how we need the voices of African women

Dambisa Moyo: Why Aid to Africa is not working

Ten female millionaires to watch in Africa

Magic Mboma Jubilee in May 2012

Hommage à Noël Ekwabi

Nelson Mandela on the net

Anyango, the Japanese singer who sings in an African language

Joyce Banda is Malawi's new leader

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