Ufoma wants you to smile!

Ufoma is an Nigerian philanthropist, youth motivator, and entrepreneur that will have you seeing life from a new perspective, and deliver music that is food for your soul. From the age of seven, she began singing in church crusades, and then did back ground vocals and live concert back up singing for many Nigerian artists.

Ufoma wants you to smile (Photo: Ufoma)

“I love to sing music that reflects the passion in my life. I sing about the real challenges, hopes,and victories of everyday life that people can relate to first hand, and I will always connect with your heart and leave you with something to inspire you to your next level," recent Baylor University graduate Ufuoma says of herself.

The name 'Ufuoma' stands for 'peace' but when shes on the mic, it’s a battle field out there! She delivers a message of peace and love through passionate, strong,and powerful vocals in a unique blend of pop, a fusion of soul and RnB, soft rock, and a genre she calls afro calypso. Very dexterous and adventurous on the mic, this diva is set to take the music industry by storm.

"Sometimes, I may get a story in my heart and relay it to other song writers to craft it out, at other times, I get both the story and the melody as well. I am very versatile in my style of music, I love soul that is not too “souly”,and a tinge of RnB any day.I will sleep, wake up to, and eat pop music till it literally “pops!” out of my ears. I absolutely love the sound and the rhythms of Africa! I proudly rep Africa, my motherland!!" she continues.

Here is a taste of what is to come with the swingy African rhythm titled “Smile (e go better)” written by Chuka "Dikah" Ufondu and produced by D- Tunes.

(source: soundcloud)

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