African Fashion by Moussou Ba

Moussou Ba, also called "La Mouche" ( "The Fly" in French), is a 20 year-old college young woman who wants to share her passion for fashion with the world.  Originally from Mali (West Africa), Ba speaks French, English, Spanish, and Bambara. 

Mini asymetrical floral dress (Photo: Ba)

African jumpsuit with a twist (Photo: Ba)
Ba loves to travel, discover other cultures, to eat, to sleep, to dance music, to sew, to watch TV and her family. Ba makes and customizes clothes in her original style. She has accepted to share her work with us.  This talented African young woman  invites you to visit her blog La Mouche .

High waist and crop top on an African print (Photo: Ba)

Graduation gown into a cute party dress (Photo: Ba)

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