5 Reasons to be a Kenyan

For different reasons, Kenya is often in the news. Here are five stories that (almost) make me want to be a Kenyan. Remember, this article is meant to make you smile!

Young Maasai men (Photo: huffingtonpost.com )

#1 The Maasai Olympics 
As a Kenyan, you can finally enjoy your very own Olympics! The Maasai Olympics, that is! Even though the event's first edition did not receive much attention, the concept is wonderful. The creation of  the Maasai Olympics aimed to discourage the young Maasai men from hunting lions while giving them the opportunity to exercise their competitiveness in another way. Hopefully, this  athletic and cultural will perpetuate over the years and become an attraction for Kenyans and tourists.

Kenya, a technology powerhouse (Photo: un.org)

#2 New Technology
To be Kenyan also means being from a technology powerhouse. Recently, experts have been talking  a lot about the impressive technological innovations in Kenya. Many great inventions are in good use for the country's economy; the mobile phone application, called M-Farm designed to assists farmers, is one of them. They are giving every Kenyan a real shot at a better way of living through the use of technology. This is something to definitely brag about!

#3 Barack Obama
U.S. President  Barack Obama is another awesome reason to be Kenyan; he is a brother-- for real! Only a  Kenyan can be a true relative of Obama in Africa. How cool is that! Does the relation come with perks like being a house-guest in the White House? Maybe not, but it's still fun! On a side note, I am glad to that  Obama's step grand-mother Sarah Obama is recovering well from her surgery.

#4 Jimmy Kimmel
From now on, any native of Kenya has an excuse to punch Jimmy Kimmel! The American comedian had a segment titled “Kenyans Read Celebrity Tweets.” in which some Kenyans read ridiculous tweets. Apparently, Kimmel's friend told him that the people of Kenya do not  use Twitter and the latter took the initiative to educate them. The offensive segment is  a false representation of what Africa is about.

Students using computers (Photo: http://computeraidinternational.wordpress.com/)

#5 Twitter
While we are talking about Twitter. Did you know this fact? The people of Kenya are the second most African active twitter users, a recent study said. So Jimmy Kimmel, there is a message for you: Kenyans do know how to tweet. And if you ever happen to be in Kenya, you can send a tweet to the Kenyan Red Cross @KenyaRedCross for an immediate assistance or to report an incident.

This article was originally written by Jacqueline Ngo Mbus
Jacqueline Ngo Mbus is a Cameroonian blogger with an insatiable appetite for everything related to her continent; she has the highest regard for her peers and artists in the music industry. Currently the Social Media Public Relations Officer for  Afrotainment TV, Ngo Mbus wants to keep promoting African culture through different opportunities. You may follow her on Twitter @afroziky and read stories, music, and cultural events about the African continent on her blog www.afroziky.com

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