March 8 is a special day for millenniums too

Over 100 years later, one may ask whether the celebration of the International Women's Day is still relevant today? The responses you will read below are those of four millenniums and W&A supporters. They have agreed to share their opinions with you and to explain what this special day means to them.

Stella Langat
"The celebration of the International Women's Day is still relevant because women are still struggling to reach the gender equality. As a young African women, I can say with confidence that male dominance is still obvious in our societies. Understanding the reason behind March 8th is important for women.

This special day should give women the opportunity to explain the fight for their rights, while demonstrating why women's empowerment is one of the keys to human development. As Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o said it well : “The condition of women in a nation is the real measure of its progress.” For me, the celebration is a checking line to find out about our progress and a chance to congratule women who have made us proud. I promise myself to follow the steps of my role models and to be one for the younger girls.~Stella Langat , a millennial from Kenya.

Toni Cerkez

"Women, who have always played important roles in our communities, have been undermined because of sexual prejudice and stereotyping. As their mothers and at some extend fathers, their role in our societies is priceless from the beginning. This basic biological fact makes us all very dependent on women. Throughout the ages, women have faced a systematical abuse- and they still do. They had to fight for their rights to vote, a right not yet  supported by every country. Notwithstanding the fact that women were the leaders of empires,  kingdoms, and democracies of our world,  their representation is still marginal.

The role of the International Women's Day is important because it puts a direct emphasis on the role of women in our lives. I believe that Women's Day should be every day. By that, I mean that women should not be abused and be represented in politics, business and other parts of our everyday life. Men still represent the majority in numerous fields. The celebration of this day is very much relevant today as women have won many battles in the fields concerning their rights, but the war (figuratively) is still on.

Many countries, even today, do not pay attention to the low representation of women in key sectors: politics, business. In addition, many countries (for example India) fail to protect their women very well; the abuse of women is, in a way, accepted in these societies. All humans are equal regardless of their gender or their religion. And this is the reason why we should be aware of the problems which women are facing on a regular basis !"~Toni Cerkez, a millennial  from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tariye Orianzi
"The International Women’s Day helps to raise awareness about the increasing rate of violence against women; the latter had drastically increased since the first International Women’s Day conference in March 1911. Secondly, the celebration is still very relevant because it reminds societies about the extradionary achievements of women. This is also a special day to appreciate women.

You might be thinking,” why having a women’s day for an appreciation? What happened to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day?’’ These days are simply not enough. Women go through so much. This is why  appreciation, which eventually encourages us to strive harder,  is pertinent every now and then. By “so much”, I mean the pain of child birth, the hours in the salon under a hot dryer just so we can look nice, the menstrual pain, getting nails done and not being able to do much until the nail polish dries out, lest the smudge, taking care of the home, and then still go to work/school.

The International Women’s day serves as an inspiration for young girls and women. To me, this is day is set aside to show appreciation for women from different walks of life. Single or married, working or house wife/single mother. More importantly, the International women’s day brings to light both the negatives and positives of issues or success stories concerning women worldwide."~ Tariye Orianzi, a millennial from Nigeria.

William Nderitu
In Africa, precisely in Kenya, International Women's Day is rarely celebrated. A limited number ofcompanies in Nairobi buy flowers, cards and bottles of wine to their female employees. Some men buy gifts to their wives and mothers, to honor them. Earlier, I said  the International Women's Day is rarely celebrated because of  the low demand in flowers, which are mostly used in this type of occasion.

In my opinion, we knowledge women in Kenya, but we never celebrate March 8. This is due to extreme poverty found in some parts of Kenya, and the African continent. I have never celebrated any International Women's Day. Not because I'm so naive, but because I never follow-up with it. I appreciate all women, especially my mum, for the hard work and their great contribution towards the growth of my nation." William Nderitu, a millennial from Kenya.

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