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Does my skin color really matter?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 70 percent of Nigerian women admit they use skin-bleaching  products despite the health hazards. That compares with 59% in Togo, and 27 in Senegal, Al-Jazeera stated.. defines skin bleaching as the process of using chemicals to lighten one's skin tone.

Can we really blame women who bleach their skin? We know for a fact that the international fashion scene is racially discriminatory in its selection process. This is probably why former American model and creamy caramel skin tone Tyra Banks has created the TV show  "American Next Top Model" (ANTM).

Five powerful African women

Forbes has just released the official list of the world's 100 most powerful women of 2013. I am not sure which criteria Forbes experts used. Based on the list, they have probably included criteria such financial or diplomatic influence. However, I was disappointed to notice the insignificant representation of African women on the list. This may be partly explained by the background of those in charge of the selection.

An African millennial reflects on the African Union's golden jubilee

The world economic growth may be slowing down and Europe may be facing is biggest financial crisis. However, Africa's economic growth is doing well according to experts. And this positive may be decisive in the making of Africa's unity for the next decades.

Forever now I'll be writing for a change

Last year, I wrote an article "Why I Majored in International Journalism",  in which I extensively explained the reasons behind my choice of career: becoming a journalist. 

My Mama told me [Mother's Day 2013]

In the W&A community, we love our mothers! This is the reason why this special post is dedicated to them. For the occasion, some W&A community members shared with you why they think the annual celebration of Mother's Day is important to them and the best advice their mamas told them.

Mothers are the ultimate servants, continually pouring out love, advice, encouragement, time and support to their families. Celebrating Mother’s Day each year is a way to honor the women in our lives that have made us who we are today! My mom Julie is one of my best friends.

“ PAWA-FUL” women take control of the sky

The Pan-African Women in Aviation (PAWA) was accredited by the former Batswanan Transport Minister, Mr Frank Ramsden on August 1st 2012. Following the success of the conference of Women in African Aviation (WAFRIC) in Ghana, Bui Muihia, Chloe Grant and Edith Githachuri founded PAWA.

In september 2011, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority kindly sponsored it. PAWA was officially presented in front of high ranking aviation officials at the 23rd plenary of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) held recently in Accra, Ghana.


Your opinion matters/ Votre opinion compte

What do you think of my articles? Do you have any ideas? If yes, please write a comment or contact me!

Que pensez-vous de mes articles? Avez-vous des idées? Si oui, laissez un commentaire ou contactez-moi!