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My Mama told me [Mother's Day 2013]

In the W&A community, we love our mothers! This is the reason why this special post is dedicated to them. For the occasion, some W&A community members shared with you why they think the annual celebration of Mother's Day is important to them and the best advice their mamas told them.

Anna Hoglund
Mothers are the ultimate servants, continually pouring out love, advice, encouragement, time and support to their families. Celebrating Mother’s Day each year is a way to honor the women in our lives that have made us who we are today! My mom Julie is one of my best friends.
Over the years, she has taught me to build relationships with every person I encounter. Whether it’s the checkout woman at the grocery store or an affluent member in the community, my mom takes time to ask people questions about themselves and discover each person’s unique beauty. Her gift of hospitality, her welcoming spirit and the genuine care she invests into each aspect of her life speak to her strength as a woman of God. Honoring Mother’s Day is a simple way to express gratitude for a woman who has so deeply shaped my life. ~ Anna Hoglund, Senior College Student from the United States of America.

Sandra Gea Guevara
A Handmade Life. An advice not expressed in words but through gestures as I from a very young age observed my mother keeping her household together with her own two hands. Caring hands. Hands which sewed, embroidered, mended. Creative hands. Hands that taught me the traditions of our culture and ancestors from Andalusia. As I grew up I kept this advice in mind, what my hands can create I do not need to buy. What I envision for myself I can create, with my own two hands. We have been apart from each other for many years as I have chosen to travel and live abroad. Though there is an instinctive bond that links us, a Knowing Bond that does not need words. Gestures and Acts of Kindness when we are reunited. Understanding through Silences. To me Mother’s Day is not only a day dedicated to those women that have born a child in their wombs but also to all the women that in many other ways through their commitment and actions mother, foster and nourish the souls of this humanity. ~Sandra Gea Guevara, Writer and Artist from France-Spain 

Jessica Foumena
Having a loving mother is the best gift one can ever have. I have been blessed to come across more than one in my short lifetime. Some of my aunts and older female friends have shown me the meaning of motherhood. They are dedicated ladies who go above and beyond the call of duty, whenever a need arises. I learnt that being a mother is more than giving birth. Being a mother is the state of mind where a woman makes herself available to nurture another human being, she may consider her child. I was so pleased to have met a few who have nurtured me in their special ways. Of course, the One is my mother who has dedicated her life to my well-being and the one of my siblings. She is a beautiful woman who puts her Christian faith and her family first. I'm so humbled that my heavenly Father has chosen this amazing woman as my mother.  The best advice my Mama told me to make Christ the center of  my life and to put my family first.  Mother's Day is so important as a special day to honor all ladies in my life for being mothers in their unique ways. ~ Jessica Foumena, International Journalist from Cameroon


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