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Une jeune journaliste du Cameroun parle de sa profession

Monica Nkodo n'a peut-être qu'un quart de siècle mais elle a la tête bien faite. Diplomée d'un Master professionnel en Journalisme Sportif, elle vous dupera certainement avec son allure innocente d'adolescente. 

En effet, cette amoureuse de la littérature est un reporter au service 'Culture et Société' de Cameroon Tribune depuis quatre ans. Cameroon Tribune est le quotidien national bilingue du Cameroun.

Grace Amey-Obeng makes a fortune fighting skin-bleaching

Everything around her and almost everyone told her she needed to give up on her project. But Grace Amey-Obeng, a successful businesswoman from Ghana, did not think so. Amey-Obey was right because she has now built a fortune on promoting products which emphasize the beauty of the black skin, BBC said. 

Le Hip-Hop Africain valorise les femmes avec Mister Yopi

Chanter sur du Hip-Hop tout mettant en valeur son héritage Africain, tel est l'objectif de Mister Yopi. Jean Elliot Ilboudo alias Mister Yopi est un artiste multi-talenteux du Burkina Faso dont le style musical est unique et captivant.

How Africa tweets

Africa is indeed on Twitter. Portland Communications and the platform Tweetminster have conducted the study titled "How Africa Tweets" , the first pan-African Twitter analysis that took place in the last three months of 2011.

Robert Watkinson, associate director of Portland Communications, explained to  France24 why his company did the study. His team noticed that the African continent was ignored in a report from an American think tank about the world's most influential Twitter users.

Girls are rising

A girl is not defined by what society sees. A girl is defined by what she sees inside herself, Intel states in a TV ad. Intel is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

What  does a multinational corporation have to do with girls and women's issues? The Intel corporation is actually one of the sponsors of the documentary "Girl Rising" by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins.

Race and gender in the U.S. media

Two prime-time television dramas present a different perspective: 'Deception' and 'Scandal'. True the shows contain historical stereotypes such as the Jezebel, who is promiscuous, and the independent Black woman, who succeeds at everything--but relationships. However, they still deserve accolades for illustrating the idea of a true "post-racial" society devoid of racial preference, discrimination and prejudice.

Previous studies indicate stereotypes of Black women center on dichotomous representations depicting them as oversexed or asexual, unintelligent or extremely educated, drop-dead gorgeous or down-right ugly. Such stories fit a convenient narrative pattern that storytellers have used for more than a century to relegate Black women to their perceived roles in society.

Les Femen ou Des femmes qui se déchaînent

Les FEMEN est un mouvement féministe composé de femmes qui manifestent dans les quatre coins du monde, de manière atypique. Les Femen, seraient-elles des féministes d'un genre nouveau?

Africa needs Dambisa Moyo and Bill Gates to agree

Dambisa Moyo and Bill Gates, two great public figures known for the passion for the African continent, do not agree on the aid debate. However, Africa needs the Zambian international economist  and Microsoft co-founder to reach an agreement as they have invested in the betterment of the continent. The tweet below posted by a follower of the W&A blog states it well.

African models run the runway

African models run the runway in Paris, London, and New York. They are beautiful, elegant and articulate. Above all, these beauty icons have a big heart for their continent. For a start, allow me to introduce you to three exceptional Africa models. Feel free to share with me the names of other established African models you know.
Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid

Supermodel Iman from Somalia may be slowly retiring from the modeling industry, but her name and her face are still strongly associated to the fashion industry. This is because Iman is a pioneer of the field of ethnic cosmetics. Born in 1955, Iman was introduced to the fashion world when models of her skin tone were nowhere to be found.

Je suis donc Je sape

La S.A.P.E. acronyme  pour la Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elégantes, est un art de vivre né du Congo Brazzaville, puis exportée à Kinshasa, en République démocratique du Congo, dès les années 1960 et après l'indépendance.

The Liz Murray story inspires millions

'Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story' inspires and encourages millions who intend to use their education as their ticket out of poverty. Elizabeth 'Liz' Murray, author of the New York Times bestseller 'Breaking Night', has made a decisive choice to finish her four years of high school education in two years.  She was 16. At 18, she successfully achieved her goal and became a New York Times scholar.

Why teen pregnancy is a global issue

While pregnancy is a special time for most future mothers, teens mothers will not share the excitement that comes with motherhood. Most women cannot wait the day to held in their arms their FIRST baby. For years, they have dreamed about how s/he will look, behave, or smile.
The World Health Organization (WHO) said that about 16 million women aged 15-19 years old give birth each, representing 11% of all births worldwide. According to WHO,  half of these birth occurs in just seven countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and the United States.

I am not my hair

The popular debate about 'natural hair' among women and men of African descent is a sort of serious underground debate. So serious that some men may add this detail among their preferred criteria when they decide to choose their lifetime partners. So serious that some women have created blogs and YouTube channels on the topic.


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