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Africa needs Dambisa Moyo and Bill Gates to agree

Dambisa Moyo and Bill Gates, two great public figures known for the passion for the African continent, do not agree on the aid debate. However, Africa needs the Zambian international economist  and Microsoft co-founder to reach an agreement as they have invested in the betterment of the continent. The tweet below posted by a follower of the W&A blog states it well.

Africa deserves a bright future 

On May 30, Dr.Moyo has published the following tweet, informing the billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and her followers of her recent post on her personal blog.

In her response, Dr.Moyo, author of several New York Times bestsellers, defends herself against the 'personal attacks' made by Bill Gates. She claims that her personal and her professional backgrounds allow her to join the conversation regarding the economical state of her continent.  In the video excerpt below, you may hear the answer of  Bill Gates regarding the work accomplished by Dr.Moyo. 

The disagreement between Dr.Moyo and Bill Gates only reinforces the urgent need to start a conversation about the aid question.  Do Africans really benefit from the millions of dollars or euros entrusted to their governments? 

For the Guardian, Bill Gates and Dambisa Moyo spat obscures the real aid debate:
The Moyo-Gates battle is likely to be a short-lived affair. The debate about the impact of aid, however, is a long term-and far more sophisticated. 
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