5 Reasons to be Zimbabwean

How much do you know about the Republic of Zimbabwe ? Read the following 5 reasons to be Zimbabwean by Ms. Nyasha Nzenza, a native from Zimbabwe. Ms. Nzenza continuously champions the bright side of her country as she currently works towards a degree in International Business at an American university. She has a desire to see her Zimbabwe positively portrayed on the world stage.

Young people holding a flag from Zimbabwe

1) Education
Zimbabweans have a long running desire for education. This is has taken many of us around the world in a search for the very best education. We have the highest literacy rate in Africa. The strong desire for learning is unquenchable for the delight of the private colleges and schools opening up in downtown Harare as well as private homes in its suburbs. In Zimbabwe, we love learning and we love teaching. Together, we are creating a better Zimbabwe and provide our contribution to the rest of Africa.

2) HIFA or the Harare International  Festival of the Arts

Established in 1999. the HIFA or the Harare International Festival of the Arts  has grown to be the largest arts festival in Africa. The latter , which takes place annually from late April into early May,  highlights talented international and local artists in the disciplines of fine arts, theatre, poetry, music and dance.  Many artists get involved during the HIFA:  Salif Keita, Femi Kuti,  the Noisettes to its main stage along with Korean break-dancers, the acting talent of Danai Guria (TVs ' The Walking Dead') among many others. This is an event that capitalizes the artistic potential of this great nation, Zimbabwe.

3) Carl Joshua Ncube
Carl Joshua Ncube

Zimbabwe is not often associated with comedy. Therefore, Carl Joshua Ncube, this fresh face in the entertainment industry is shaping that perception in a BIG way. For someone who started off as a student nurse in the UK, Ncube has quickly become one of the funniest and the most popular comedians in Zimbabwe. His successful one man show 'Carl's BIG announcement' has catapulted him into the spotlight, taking him on a mission to educate the world on the lighter side of Zimbabwe. Ncube is a worthy ambassador of Zimbabwe; he definitely puts a smile on every Zimbabwean face. No surprise if CNN African voices crowned him "the new face of Zimbabwe comedy."

4) Victoria Falls

Victoria falls are the pride of  Zimbabwe.  This is a tourist destination that has every Zimbabwean shouting loud and proud: "the best view is from our side." Not to take anything away from our wonderful Zambian neighbors, but together with the mighty lake Kariba and Hwange game park, the Victoria falls look on the Zimbabwean side are just incredibly majestic. There is also the amazing option on bungee jumping near the falls which should be on everyone's bucket list.

5) Facebook

We love Facebook. At any time of the day and everywhere (public transport, internet cafes, offices), you will find Zimbabweans on Facebook  behind a personal computer or on a phone. They communicate with friends or relatives, seeking help on problem pages, or just giving an opinion. Facebook is definitely the social network of choice with Zimbabweans. You just have to look up their names and you are sure to find anyone on Facebook.

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