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Ding Ding the African Bird or a modern folktale from Africa

Inspired by his two beautiful sons, Chris Jason , a professor of engineering mechanics  working in Germany, wrote the story of 'Ding Ding the African Bird' to make them laugh. Then, he discovered the story would be a great tool to teach them about Africa.

Originally from Cameroon, more precisely the North West Province, Chris Jason wanted to depict Africa as the magical and the beautiful place. Motivated by the images he remembered from his childhood, Chris Jason explains his goal while writing the book.

After reading this story, I hope kids will have fun, that they will enjoy the story, and that the young and cheecky Ding Ding will remind them of themselves. For kids with an African background like my boys, my hope is that  they could become interested in the animals living in the African forests as well as the African continent itself.

Throughout the story, readers follow the physical changes of Ding Ding the African bird as a Spirit, a snake, a leopard, a monkey, an elephant, a giraffe and finally a man club.

This modern folktale will allow children and adults to discover the the African forests and its animals in an interactive and unique way. The adventures of the young bird will take readers in a series of exciting and life-changing adventures at the end of which he discovers and appreciates who he really is.

The book 'Ding  Ding the African bird' is now available on Amazon


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