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Cancer: Africa's emerging health epidemic

In the past, Africa’s biggest health problems were those of dealing with infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. The patterns are rapidly changing with the westernization of lifestyles. Amongst these diseases the biggest are cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. 

My attention was caught by the  deploring situation of cancer and its associated problems, the inadequacy of treatment, management facilities and the lack of resources given the economic situation and the tiny health allocated budgets of most African Countries. Women in Uganda or Zimbabwe are only about 20% less likely to develop cancer by the age of 65 as compared to their western counterparts.

The White House recognizes the African diaspora for the first time

On Monday, September 23rd, 2013, the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) team along with representatives and allies of the African Diaspora attended the historical White House African Immigrant Heritage Month Policy Forum.

The African Immigrant Heritage Month Policy Forum is intended to connect officials of President Barack Obama's administration with leaders of the African immigrant community residing in the United States of America, as stated in the CPS press release. This is the first time that the White House engages Africans, African immigrants and their allies.

Félicité Dona Gbeyihin du Bénin devient millionnaire en vendant des chips

Inutile d’avoir les plus gros diplômes du monde pour avoir des idées de génie. Pour nous le prouver, Félicité Dona Gbeyihin qui  n’a reçu aucune formation en pâtisserie autre que l’héritage culturel culinaire transmis de la mère aux filles en Afrique.

There will be peace and prosperity in Africa through unity

On September 21, 2013, the upscale Westgate Nairobi mall was transformed into a war zone. The tragic event took at least 68 innocent lives. While we are still mourning,  this tragic event is also an opportunity to call for unity and peace across the African continent.

In Africa, we are moving forward. The African youth wants to move forward. This is the reason why there will be peace and prosperity in Africa regardless of the numerous attempts preventing us to do so.

Mercy Ships bring hope and healing home

These past 35 past years, Mercy Ships crews, made of health-care professionals in anesthesiology, orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, midwifery and eye surgery, have performed numerous acts of mercy. This is the case of Abel, a boy from Togo, whose normal childhood turned upside down after an injection. The Republic of Togo is a country located in West Africa. 

As reported in an online Mercy Ships story, Abel's parents noticed he was having difficulty learning to crawl. Abel's muscles stopped growing but not his bones ; his legs failed to grow correctly due to the lack of musculature to direct them. His parents approached three doctors who were unable to help them. 

Benin Grammy-Award Singer Angélique Kidjo wants girls to dream big

Time Magazine calls her 'African Premier Diva." For Benin Grammy-Award singer Angélique Kidjo, her work goes beyond the successful musical career. This UNICEF goodwill ambassador desires to see the future generations, particularly girls, to become the best they can be. 

Angélique Kidjo is an African icon who does not need anymore introductions. In 2007, Kidjo released an album titled Djin Djin, which refers to the sound of a  bell in Africa that greets each new day.

Amani D.C. transforms women's lives in Africa

When Brittany Noetzel and Rachel Kistner, two Alumni from Wheaton College went to visit Amani Ya Juu as college students, they did not quite envision how big the trip will be on their respective lives. Several years later, they have set up Amani D.C., an African boutique located in Washington, D.C.

Established in 2009, this retail store sells hand-made products made by marginalized women residing in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Liberia. The U.S. warehouse of Amani Ya Juu, the main organization, is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Les jeunes du Cameroun se mobilisent pour la lutte contre la Drépanocytose

Drépano-Solidaire est une association Camerounaise de lutte contre la Drépanocytose à but non lucratif. Agée de 4 ans, cette dernière est une organisation fondée par de jeunes camerounais dont le leader et le fondateur est Junior Mekinda Mekinda. Elle a pour principale mission la prévention contre la maladie et le soutien aux malades. 

L’exécution des différents projets s’effectue au travers de l'éducation et la sensibilisation des populations. L’association est constituée en grande majorité de jeunes élèves et étudiants. Elle est composée d'un bureau central et de clubs relais de sensibilisation répartis à ce jour dans (09) établissements secondaires. Le bureau central organise les activités de l’association et coordonne différents clubs des Lycées et Collèges. 

The Global Youth Innovative Network (GYIN) develops business programs

This summer 2013, the Global Youth Innovative Network (GYIN), a youth-led organization, was involved in different projects with Incredible Youth International (IYI) Uganda and Columbia University Business School (CBS). GYIN is a platform born out the partnership between representatives of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Phelps Strokes.

The Global Youth Innovative Network (GYIN) and Incredible Youth International (IYI) Uganda have recently confirmed their partnership. Together, the two youth-led organizations intent to address the youth unemployment issues in Uganda.

WOMEN & AFRICA is moving forward, thanks to you!

These past few months, I wrote several articles to share with you my vision for W&A. I explained to you why I majored in International Journalism, why I'll be writing forever now and I proudly introduced you to the concept behind of Women & Africa as a positive platform for women and Africa. Since then, a lot of things have changed positively at W&A.

For a start, we have a brand new logo and a brand new banner! They are currently used on all our social platforms. The idea behind the logo is simple. The primary readers, and hence, the target audience is a young, smart and modern woman. She is a leader in her community and her country because she takes initiatives to make her world a better place. She also listens to her elders and she works with men as well.

Support Mother Africa with AWDF USA

Every day more than 500 African women die during childbirth across the continent, according to the United Nations Population Fund. This is the world's highest number of maternal deaths. This is the reason why the African Women's Development Fund USA (AWDF USA) invites you to contribute to the Mother Africa Campaign; the money raised will be used to transform maternal mortality crisis in Africa.

The Africa Women's Development Fund USA (AWDF USA) is an  US-based public foundation devoted to African women's issues. The sister organization in Ghana, AWDF, is the single largest fundraiser for African women's groups. AWDF, whose CEO is Theo Sowa, supports 1000 groups working in 42 countries across the continents. As a result, the lives of  African mothers, children and communities are saved.

Kate Middleton and Prince William plan an African-themed nursery

Prince William recently mentioned to CNN that he plans to design an African-themed nursery for his son Prince George. The proud royal parents feel a strong sense of connection to Africa; William proposed to Duchess Catherine during a private vacation in Kenya in 2010.  Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, his young brother, also spent time in Africa as children. 

Prince William hopes to take his first child, George, to Africa in a few years. For now, he is putting together an African-themed nursery for the young prince to grow up in.


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