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Every day more than 500 African women die during childbirth across the continent, according to the United Nations Population Fund. This is the world's highest number of maternal deaths. This is the reason why the African Women's Development Fund USA (AWDF USA) invites you to contribute to the Mother Africa Campaign; the money raised will be used to transform maternal mortality crisis in Africa.

The money raised through the Mother Africa campaign will change the lives of African mothers and children.

The Africa Women's Development Fund USA (AWDF USA) is an  US-based public foundation devoted to African women's issues. The sister organization in Ghana, AWDF, is the single largest fundraiser for African women's groups. AWDF, whose CEO is Theo Sowa, supports 1000 groups working in 42 countries across the continents. As a result, the lives of  African mothers, children and communities are saved.

"Our newly launched initiative, Mother Africa, seeks to raise funds to support grassroots groups in various countries in Sub Saharan Africa, working on the ground to end maternal mortality in their communities," Preeti Shekar, the current communications specialist overseeing this campaign, told W&A.

The goal of the Mother Africa campaign is to raise $15,000.  Even though the campaign is going strong with $7,310 raised up to date, more generous souls are still wanted to make a difference in the lives of African mothers.

Through the Mother Africa campaign, the AWDF USA aims to provide access to health care, to offer life-saving education for Africa women, to empower women in an understanding of their basic health and human rights through the 100 different groups they support in the area of maternal health. 

  • Amanitare Sexual Rights Network, a Pan-African initiative that holds governments accountable for women’s health so that fewer African mothers die in pregnancy and childbirth.
  • ASMADE in Burkina Faso provides maternal health education and access to reproductive health care for rural women and girls.
  •  Nana Yaa Memorial Trust in Ghana provides award-winning comprehensive women’s health care that prevents maternal death.
  •  The Regional Prevention of Maternal Mortality, a network of groups in 22 African countries that improves women’s health and human rights through the provision of accessible and affordable maternal health services.
  • SOS VITA Togo promotes women’s health and human rights to ensure easy access to maternal health care.
  •  The Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health in Kenya provides a support network for HIV positive mothers and helps prevent the transmission of HIV to their unborn children

In the spirit of the 50th anniversary of Dr.King's struggle for justice worldwide, AWDF hopes that the Mother Africa online campaign will encourage all communities to use cutting edge social technologies to extend the impact of traditional giving throughout the US and overseas black communities for new times. 

"In celebration of Black Philanthropy Month 2013, we are proud to kick-off the online phase of our Mother Africa Campaign with a crowdfunding initiative to raise crucial support for African women's health groups who are working to be a beacon of hope towards a new future for African mothers," said Dr. Jackie Copeland-Carson, AWDF USA Executive Director said in an online AWDF press release.

To participate in AWDF USA's Mother Africa crowdfunding campaign and support African women leading Africa's future, visit to make a gift today. The campaign will run through October 18, 2013. For a full list of Mother Africa Campaign events in your area, read more here.

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