WOMEN & AFRICA is moving forward, thanks to you!

These past few months, I wrote several articles to share with you my vision for W&A. I explained to you why I majored in International Journalism, why I'll be writing forever now and I proudly introduced you to the concept behind of Women & Africa as a positive platform for women and Africa. Since then, a lot of things have changed positively at W&A.

The WOMEN & AFRICA logo 

For a start, we have a brand new logo and a brand new banner! They are currently used on all our social platforms. The idea behind the logo is simple. The primary readers, and hence, the target audience is a young, smart and modern woman. She is a leader in her community and her country because she takes initiatives to make her world a better place. She also listens to her elders and she works with men as well.

The logo is not the only novelty at W&A. You may have noticed the new design and the special section 'Share Your Story'. The articles will be now added in different categories, giving you an easy access to the wide variety of publications on W&A. 

At W&A, we also want to hear from you. This is why we have the special section 'Share Your Story' where you could upload your success story or a press release of your organization (nonprofit, student organization/club) in order to be featured on W&A. The goal is to establish Women & Africa as your voice. We know you are doing great things at the four ends of the world and we want you to use W&A as your positive platform.

Thanks to our guest bloggers who have recently joined the W&A team, we intend to remain creative and diverse in our publications. The W&A team is as diverse as you, our readership. Located in different parts of the world. 

Together and with your support, we aim to provide positive stories about women and Africa. We look forward to hearing back from you on our different social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google.  

Once again, we thank you for your support. #womenandafrica 

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