Remain hopeful

Times are very hard these days. We are all trying to make it happen for ourselves. Whether our bank account is full or empty, life can be rough.

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One of the hardest thing is to is to probably remain hopeful when circumstances and situations tell us otherwise.

Through the different stories published on this platform, my hope is most you have felt empowered, encouraged or at the least, inspired. If you felt that way, great! I am also aware that there are times when your spirit is down.

So, I made the decision to write you encouraging personal notes. We need hope in our world. I believe that positive stories have that ability to keep us hopeful. I also believe that we need to take care our spiritual being in order to stay hopeful. My spiritual outlet is my relationship with my Savior Jesus-Christ, which is actually my source of hope and strength. If this is true for me, I believe it will be for you too.

I don't know where you stand right now in your life. I just know that you cannot allow yourselves to give up. You still have the gift of life in you. Make the best out of it. Find your purpose and if it is needed, take it easy. But above all else, remain hopeful. I pray you will.

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