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Timbuk is the premiere African dance-based fitness company in the U.S.

Take a moment and imagine yourself working out in the comfort of your home at the sound of African drums. Sounds fun? You bet, it is! This is what the premiere African dance-based fitness program Timbuk is about.

Timbuk business partners Rachel Armstrong and  Diade Bathily (Photo: Armstrong)
As stated on company's website, the Timbuk Fitness program is a full body workout that will strengthen and tone your body, improve your balance and build endurance. The company has been selected as an approved continuing education provider for The Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) program.

"It is an honor to be among the nation's most respected fitness organizations recognized by The Cooper Institute to provide continuing education for personal certification renewal," said Timbuk Fitness President Rachel Armstrong.

According to fitness entrepreneur Armstrong, Timbuk Fitness is a fun engaging group fitness concept that will change lives across America through the song and dance of the heart of Africa.  She teamed up with her business partner  and "artistic talent extraordinaire" Diadé Bathily (pronounced Jah-Jay BAH-chee-LEE).

Diadé Bathily is the creator of Timbuk African dance fitness workout. For over 30 years, West Africa dancer Bathily has performed professionally on stages in Africa, Europe and North America. This world renowned dancer is also a choreographer, an instructor and a costume designer. 

"Through Timbuk Fitness, people will not only know more about the African dance which is widely used by American artists such as Beyoncé and Chris Brown, but also they will gain exposure on a variety of physical exercises." Bathily said. "Timbuk dancers will move their bodies differently through the familiar sound of drums."

Rachel Armstrong is the Business Director of Timbuk Fitness. (Photo: Armstrong)

Since each African country has its unique sets of cultural heritage, Bathily stated that Timbuk  is intended to be the roots of a movement that could be personalized worldwide into Timbuk Kenya, Timbuk Cameroon or Timbuk Ivory Coast. On Friday October 25, Timbuk Fitness has began certifying instructors in concurrence with the release of its first DVD.

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