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UN Women demonstrates gender inequality with search engine campaign

If you are still one of those who believe there is too much useless buzz about girls and women's issues, check this out. The new search engine campaign by the UN Women-an arm of the United Nations (UN) demonstrates that gender inequality is indeed a reality worldwide.

Women should have the right to make their own decisions. (Photo: Gute Werbung/UN Women)

UN Women, an arm of the United Nations, shows through a powerful advertising campaign how the world  feels about women. The simple campaign uses the world's most popular search engine (Google) to show that gender inequality is indeed a worldwide problem. The results are frightening because the most popular search terms are sexist and degrading towards women. 

Women shouldn't suffer discrimination anymore. (Photo:  Gute Werbung/UN Women)

On this 21st century, men and women need to understand that gender equality is one of the keys to a better future for our world. Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but it is an enormous socio-economic ramifications, as stated by Gute Werbung.

Women cannot accept the ways things are. (Photo: Gute Werbung/UN Women)
We need to get this fact straight. A woman was once a girl. When we take good care of our girls' minds, souls and bodies, we take care of tomorrow's women. Unfortunately, traditions and religions shape our worldviews and they are often used against girls and women. 

Women need to be seen as equal. (Photo: Gute Werbung/UN Women)
We need to understand that the needs of a girl or a woman are as important as the ones of a boy or a man. Honestly, this is not about the West trying to force their own ways to the rest of the world. Gender equality is for all of us who want the best for a daughter, a sister, a female relative, or a favorite female friend. Together, we need to make sure our environments are safe and nurturing for our girls and women. Let us put an end to gender inequality.


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