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Gospel artist Etsegenet Mekonnen from Ethiopia talks about her music and her heritage

Etsegenet Mekonnen is a musician, model, singer, songwriter, guitarist and arranger born in the city of Addis Ababa in the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. The highlights of her career include the release of her first album called YIMETAL, being a choir singer for the Oscar nominated song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, being a singer for the award-winning documentary "Get Together Girls" with Italian filmmaker Vanessa Crocini

Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to her baby girl Maya

Currently, there is an ongoing conversation, on whether Sudan will free Meriam Ibrahim or not. In the midst of this tragic situation, Ibrahim gave birth to a healthy girl named Maya. Meriam Ibrahim was forced to give birth with her legs shackled in jail, the Daily Mail reported. Please join us in our campaign Save Meriam Ibrahim.

New leadership for the Republic of Malawi

Whenever there is a new and smooth political transition, we get very excited at! Two years ago, we were excited for the people of the Federal Republic of Somalia whose lawmakers have elected political moderate Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the country's new president.

Ghanaian- American Leader Elizabeth Patterson on going to Cameroon this summer

The Council for Young African Leaders (CYAL) has become an important part of my development as a young professional seeking to make a tangible impact on the African continent. Based in New York, CYAL’s mission is to cultivate leadership from awareness to action” by connecting young Africans to programs that promote cultural awareness, networking opportunities and economic development in Africa.

The gift Maya Angelou has returned home

Statement from Dr. Maya Angelou's Family:
Dr. Maya Angelou passed quietly in her home before 8:00 a.m. EST. Her family is extremely grateful that her ascension was not belabored by a loss of acuity or comprehension. She lived a life as a teacher, activist, artist and human being. She was a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace.The family is extremely appreciative of the time we had with her and we know that she is looking down upon us with us.  -Guy B. Johnson Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.
— Maya Angelou (@DrMayaAngelou) May 23, 2014

#Meriam Ibrahim, a pregnant woman from Sudan is condemned to death

Unless you live under the rock, you should know by now that the international community is upset because Dr.Meriam Ibrahim, a pregnant woman from Sudan is condemned to death because she refuses to convert to islam. Meriam, who currently carries in her womb another life, is a wife and a mother.

April Smith or the story of an unshakable faith in Jesus-Christ

Imagine yourself lying on a dying bed. Your broken body aches in pain. You have just survived a tornado who has wiped the foundation of your house and your city. Your husband, with whom you had two sons, a 9-year old and a 7-year old, has survived too. But your two sons did not.

Women empower one another

Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another.
Before I start, I want to point out the meaning of 'girl' in this quote around which this commentary is based. In my opinion, the term 'girl' refers to the 'child' in every woman. Actually, childhood should be one of the most beautiful times in every woman's life. That being said, let us go further in our discussion.

The car key and the Bible

A young man was getting ready to graduate college. For many months, he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted.

As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his had purchased the car. Finally, on the morning of his graduation his father called him into his private study. His father told him how proud he was to have a such a fine son, and told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautiful wrapped gift box.

Dr.Fred Burbank on his postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) treatment device

Dr.Fred Burbank is the co-founder of the medical device (V-Stat), which is intended to be used to treat post-partum hemorrhage (PPH), the greatest cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Dr.Burbank Fred and his colleague Mike Jones and their wives, Melody and Tiffany started a non-profit organization called the Salt Creek International Women's Health Foundation (SCIWHF). In this interview, Dr.Burbank tells more about the work and the vision for the Salt Creek International  Women's Health Foundation (SCIWHF). 

SuperAfrican is now here

SuperAfrican is Kenyan artist Sila Mutungi's new alterego. Created in conjunction with Visila Comics, SuperAfrican is a new comic series, created to serve as a role model for children across the continent. Set in 2045, the comic tells the story of a modern day superhero, as he tackles some of the continents notorious issues such as poverty, corruption and greed.

Two American men on a mission to save the lives of mothers worldwide

The Salt Creek International Women's Health Foundation (SCIWHF) was founded to support the development and clinical research of a special device for treating postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), the greatest cause of maternal mortality worldwide. 

You can put the blame on single women

As girls, most women will remember they pay some time thinking about their special wedding day. Over the years, the thought process went further. They start thinking the event itself, the wedding dress(e)s, the groom, the house, the number of children. Clearly, this is no secret. Most women have planned their wedding day years in advance. 

Some women will get married before the age of 30 but for others, the waiting time is taking longer than expected. This was the case of Paula Schargorosky, an Argentine woman who made the popular documentary about being 35 and single. She did a good job explaining the social stigma that a single woman may face. Some single women from other parts of the world could relate to Schargorosky's story. Unfortunately, the social stigma can also be found within the Church, where everyone is supposedly  a family, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Zimbabwean author Tsungi Chiwara on her 2014 NAMA nomination

Tsungai Brenda Chiwara nee Mupawaenda or simply 'Tsungi' , the shorter version of 'Tsungai', as she prefers to be called has poured out her heart in her very first novel 'Reflections of the heart - A story of Hope.' Her excellent work led her to be a 2014 NAMA nominee. 

8 Mars: Egalité pour les femmes, c’est le progrès pour toutes et tous

Célébrée chaque année le 8 Mars, le thème de la Journée internationale de la femme 2014 est intitulé  "L'égalité pour les femmes, c'est le progrès pour toutes et tous." En effet, c'est en décembre 1977 que l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies a proclamé une Journée pour les droits de la femme. 

Cette journée internationale trouve son origine dans les mouvements ouvriers du XXème siècle. Elle se veut journée symbolique de reflexion sur l'avancée des programmes, politiques et actions en faveur de l'autonomisation et de l'

H.E. Dr.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma: African women hold up half the sky

Statement of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Dr.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma on the occasion of the Commemoration of International Women's Day. Addis Ababa, 8th March 2014.

On the occasion to commemorate the 103rd International Women's Day, I wish to convey my warm greetings and greetings to women and girls in  Africa and all over the world. For over a century, women in successive generations have celebrated this day by benchmarking, mobilising and celebrating our long struggle for gender equality.

March 8: He for She or Men raising their voices for change

Once again, the time has come. A new year. A new International Women's Day celebration. This year, the theme for the International Women's Day is: Equality for women is progress for all. 

My recent article "Engaging boys and men in working for girls and women's rights will benefit everyone" clearly embraces the 2014  theme for the International Women's Day. In 2014, we need to put  "men"  in "women's" issues is essential, if we want to make a lasting difference for girls and women on the African continent and elsewhere.

Book review: 'Reflections of the heart: A story of hope' by Tsungi Chiwara

In our 21st century, numerous African writers are still trying to find their way in the literature world at the national or the international level. Tsungi Chiwara, a Christian author from Zimbabwe, is amongst this new breed of writers.

This year, Chiwara received the national nomination for 'Outstanding First Creative Published Work' from the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).

'Reflections of the heart: A story of hope' is a captivating story about the life of Kui, a teenager from Zimbabwe. The novel is centered around her cushioned life. Kui, the heroine, has to overcome issues that many adults and teens face today.

Spotlight on Nigeria's educational system

When many discuss Nigeria's educational system, it is usually with disgust or despair. The general consensus is one of hopelessness. Irene Bangwell, the founder of Handz and Mindz Ltd who chose to reject the resigned tone many have now adopted, has decided to make some changes.

In Nigeria, wealthier parents generally send their children to the best schools, take them abroad on expensive holidays. Surely, there's nothing wrong with this? The problem with this is a dual one. Some parents employ these measures in order to prepare the children to take over their parents' empires and dynasties. Why is this such an issue, then? 

Women risk serious health damages to regain their virginity with the alum stone

The widespread practice of restoring a woman's virginity through the use the alum stone is a phenomenon worth mentioning. The practice is associated with serious health risks .
Liliane Ndangue, a France 24 observer in Yaoundé, has investigated the use alum stone in Cameroon. She stated that the alum stone is often in the northern regions of Cameroon, as well as in some parts of Nigeria.

Father's love letter: An intimate message from GOD to you

Love makes us better, gives hope and allows us to strive in this journey called life. Sharing with you, this special love letter from the heavenly Father.

Get Together Girls: Kenyan young women striving for a better life

It is not every year you come across a film about the continent of Africa and women that educates, inspires and motivates you to make a positive change, all at the same time. The documentary 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG) has done just that.

As stated by Italian filmmaker Vanessa Crocini,  the 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG) project focuses on helping an making self-reliant former street girls who used to live in the slums of Kenya. These 'girls', who are actually young women, are not former prostitutes. Like many other children and teenagers who find themselves in the streets for various reasons, the young women from GtoG had face enormous challenges at a very young age. 

Italian filmmaker Vanessa Crocini on her inspiring documentary shot in Kenya

Vanessa Crocini, an award-winning Italian filmmaker, is the writer, the editor, the director, the producer of the documentary 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG). In this exclusive interview, she talks about herself, her profession and her inspiring documentary. 

The World Health Organization on female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the female genital mutilation (or cutting) as a violation of the human rights of women and girls. FGM, which is classified in four major types, is performed for a mix of cultural, religious and social reasons.

Somali supermodel Waris Dirie wants to save all little desert flowers

When she fled her home at age 13, award-winning human rights activist Waris Dirie may have never envisioned herself leading a worldwide campaign that will aim to save millions girls around the world from being mutilated or cut. 

The life story of Warie Dirie speaks for itself.  Dirie was born into a nomad family living in the Somali desert near the border to Ethiopia in 1965, her online biography stated. She was forced to undergo the "inhuman" procedure of female genital mutilation at the tender age of 5. Later on, she was forced to marry a man who was old enough to be her grandfather.

Engaging boys and men in working for girls and women's rights will benefit everyone

Great work is currently done around the world to make sure that the lives of girls and women are safe and prosperous. In the process, we should not leave out, boys and men, the other half of humanity because their participation will ensure the sustainability of our works.

All societies are filled with gender stereotypes; children regularly learn to adopt gender roles. These gender stereotypes and gender roles would vary depending of different factors such as the ethnicity, the cultural heritage, the financial status, the structure of the family.

College student raises money for families in Kenya with CARE for AIDS

College student Gilbert Bongmba wants to impact lives positively. Along with other college students, he joined the CARE for AIDS University (CFAU) at Baylor University.
This year, Bongmba currently serves on the Executive Board of CARE for AIDS University at Baylor as a committee member. According to Bongmba, CARE for AIDS is an organization that exists to help mobilize the church in caring, both physically and spiritually, for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

The future of Africa is in the hands of African millennials leaders

Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for his country. About half a century later, his dream came to life, thanks to the support of his countrymates. In many African countries, a lot of changes are taking place. Even though the international community's support is important in the process, the future of the continent is the hands of the African millennials leaders.

This letter is addressed to my fellow millennials African leaders. Before going further, I would like to define the term 'Millennials' for those who are unfamiliar with it. Mashable describe Millennials also known as the Millennial Generation or the Generation Y as the demographic cohort following the Generation X. There are no precise dates so most commentators limit the birth dates from the early 1980s to the early 2000s (decade).

Watch for these new book releases from African female authors

Last year proved to be a momentous year for African female writers. 2013 also introduced us to an array of new authors, including Taiye Selasi, Chinelo Okparanta and more. This year, there are already a new crop of books lined up to launch within the next few months. African female authors have left their mark in 2013. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's book Americanah, was named best book of the year and even made it on the New York Times '10 Best Books of 2013' list.

Music unites Africa

The continent of Africa and its people are often well remembered by foreigners for their joyful spirit, their dance moves and their upbeat rhythms. So, it made sense to the three founders of the nonprofit  organization 'Music Unites Africa' to use music to promote their continent.
In 2011, the nonprofit organization 'Music Unites Africa' (M.U.A.) started as an idea: African musicians desiring to support each other within the global music industry. Eguonor Anirejuoritse Okene also known as (a.k.a.) P-Hypha is one of the three founders of Music Unites Africa. He quickly realized the unlimited possibilities the project has to offer.

How I view Africa

For Sierra Leonan-Gambian LaMin SaWaneh, a picture is certainly worth a thousand words. Since July 2012, SaWaneh posts unique pictures of the African continent for the greatest joy of his 200,000 Facebook fans (and counting).

SaWaneh, who grew up in The Gambia, his father's homeland, is the founder of the popular Facebook page Howiviewafrica.

Lagos-born and rape survivor Ayodeji Osowobi #StandtoEndRape

There was a time the word 'activist' was associated with waving placards, demonstration marches, and some incidents of vandalism and arson. Today, the advent of social media means that a physical presence may not necessarily berequired to begin a movement, stand up to be counted or to make an impact.

For Lagos-born Ayodeji Osowobi, social media can be effectively utilised to “say no to rape and stigmatization”.  On September  2013, Osowobi  founded  the online initiative Stand To End Rape (STER).

Shakira's 'Waka Waka' song is a remake of the Cameroonian song 'Zangawela'

Since no World Cup is complete without an official anthem, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) chose Columbian popstar's song 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)' as the official World Cup anthem.
The FIFA World Cup 2010 was a huge deal not only for South Africans but for Africans across the globe.  For the first time in the world's history, an African country was finally the host of the most celebrated football event.  The FIFA World Cup 2010 was definitely a special time for Africa, as Shakira sang in the chorus of her song 'Waka Waka.'

In 1985, the Golden Sounds, a group made of Cameroon's President guards, recorded a tune called 'Zangawela.' The song 'Zangawela' became an international hit leading Golden Sounds to rename themselves as Zangawela. The group members were also famous for their dance moves and costumes. They would often wear military clothes, stuffing clothes so their stomachs will appear ridiculously…

The New Year's celebration around the world

Today is the birth of a New Year 2014. The New Year, which marks the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated around the world and observed by many countries such as Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom as a public holiday. During the time. all government offices, schools and most businesses are closed and people are expected to take a day off.  
The New Year is another time of the year during which families and friends get together and share their happiest moments as they say good bye to the previous year.  It is important to note that not all cultures around the world celebrate the New Year's Day of the Gregorian calendar, which is January 1.  The Hindu, Chinese, Coptic, Jewish and Islamic calendars differ from the Gregorian calendar and therefore, they plan their celebrations differently.


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