College student raises money for families in Kenya with CARE for AIDS

College student Gilbert Bongmba wants to impact lives positively. Along with other college students, he joined the CARE for AIDS University (CFAU) at Baylor University.

Tea with Susan (Photo: CARE for AIDS)
This year, Bongmba currently serves on the Executive Board of CARE for AIDS University at Baylor as a committee member. According to Bongmba, CARE for AIDS is an organization that exists to help mobilize the church in caring, both physically and spiritually, for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya.

"Our goal for the school year is to raise at least $50,000 as a student chapter. I have pledged to raise $500," Bongmba said. "I believe I can reach this goal with the help of family, friends and generous donors.

This young man from Cameroon said to be passionnate about CARE for AIDS because Africa which is his continent of origin is considered the origin of HIV/AIDS.  Author of the uplifting article 'How Cameroon and other African countries are actively fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic', Bongmba intends to offer assistance to those with HIV and to reduce the spread of the stigma through CARE for AIDS.

"It beats my imagination to know that 72% of people with HIV currently live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Because of this, the imperative to do something about the situation of HIV/AIDS in Africa is undeniable," Bongmba said. 

A CARE for AIDS team (Photo: CARE for AIDS)

According to Bongmba, donations will help clients receive medical support, spiritual and emotional counseling, vocational training, and food to supplement their diet. Over a 9-month program, individuals will be revived and empowered as they return to being a spouse, parent and provider. The CFUA team stated that contributions are 100% tax-deductible in the United States of America.

To support Bongmba in his fundraising project, please click here. You may also contact him directly on Twitter or Facebook. He also asked prayers for himself and the team as they try to reach their goals to make a difference for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya, and for the families themselves.

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