The New Year's celebration around the world

Today is the birth of a New Year 2014. The New Year, which marks the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated around the world and observed by many countries such as Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom as a public holiday. During the time. all government offices, schools and most businesses are closed and people are expected to take a day off.  

The New Year is an celebration time in most parts of the world. (Photo:
The New Year is another time of the year during which families and friends get together and share their happiest moments as they say good bye to the previous year.  It is important to note that not all cultures around the world celebrate the New Year's Day of the Gregorian calendar, which is January 1.  The Hindu, Chinese, Coptic, Jewish and Islamic calendars differ from the Gregorian calendar and therefore, they plan their celebrations differently.

In Cameroon. the joy of seeing a new year, comes not only with an urge for new clothes and gifts for kids, but also with the desire to spend time with family, thanking God for the numerous blessings encountered in the previous year. Also, in most African courtries, churches will be filled with thousands of people singing hymns for such a new beginning. Festivals. traditional music and dancing will always remain a part of the African culture when it comes to the New Year. Streets are always occupied be the energetic youths rejoicing in the joy of a new year.

Ghana is known for the Edina Buronya Festival celebrated by the people from Edina. The Edina Buronya Festival, which is influenced by the Portuguese, is the period of purification and welcoming of the New Year. In South Africa, thousands of people accompanied by the beautiful display of fireworks come to celebrate the New Year at the foot of the Table Mountain, a landmark that overlooks Cape Town.

In the United States, thousands of people float the street of Times Square on the Eve of the New Year, waiting for hours to watch a big ball fall from a flag. In Sydney, Australia, people gather at the Sydney Harbor to watch the fireworks display. In Britain, millions of people stay up all night to watch and listen to the BIG BEN  ring out the old year and ring in the New Year. 

Singing the old Scottish song "Auld Lang Syne" remains a New Year Eve tradition that has turned out to be observed by most countries around the globe. The song is about love and friendship in times gone by.

The New Year has always been that time of the year when resolutions are made towards achieving dreams and goals. Because after all, the New Year is an unique opportunity to move forward.

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