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Spotlight on Nigeria's educational system

When many discuss Nigeria's educational system, it is usually with disgust or despair. The general consensus is one of hopelessness. Irene Bangwell, the founder of Handz and Mindz Ltd who chose to reject the resigned tone many have now adopted, has decided to make some changes.

In Nigeria, wealthier parents generally send their children to the best schools, take them abroad on expensive holidays. Surely, there's nothing wrong with this? The problem with this is a dual one. Some parents employ these measures in order to prepare the children to take over their parents' empires and dynasties. Why is this such an issue, then? 

Women risk serious health damages to regain their virginity with the alum stone

The widespread practice of restoring a woman's virginity through the use the alum stone is a phenomenon worth mentioning. The practice is associated with serious health risks .
Liliane Ndangue, a France 24 observer in Yaoundé, has investigated the use alum stone in Cameroon. She stated that the alum stone is often in the northern regions of Cameroon, as well as in some parts of Nigeria.

Father's love letter: An intimate message from GOD to you

Love makes us better, gives hope and allows us to strive in this journey called life. Sharing with you, this special love letter from the heavenly Father.

Get Together Girls: Kenyan young women striving for a better life

It is not every year you come across a film about the continent of Africa and women that educates, inspires and motivates you to make a positive change, all at the same time. The documentary 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG) has done just that.

As stated by Italian filmmaker Vanessa Crocini,  the 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG) project focuses on helping an making self-reliant former street girls who used to live in the slums of Kenya. These 'girls', who are actually young women, are not former prostitutes. Like many other children and teenagers who find themselves in the streets for various reasons, the young women from GtoG had face enormous challenges at a very young age. 

Italian filmmaker Vanessa Crocini on her inspiring documentary shot in Kenya

Vanessa Crocini, an award-winning Italian filmmaker, is the writer, the editor, the director, the producer of the documentary 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG). In this exclusive interview, she talks about herself, her profession and her inspiring documentary. 

The World Health Organization on female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the female genital mutilation (or cutting) as a violation of the human rights of women and girls. FGM, which is classified in four major types, is performed for a mix of cultural, religious and social reasons.

Somali supermodel Waris Dirie wants to save all little desert flowers

When she fled her home at age 13, award-winning human rights activist Waris Dirie may have never envisioned herself leading a worldwide campaign that will aim to save millions girls around the world from being mutilated or cut. 

The life story of Warie Dirie speaks for itself.  Dirie was born into a nomad family living in the Somali desert near the border to Ethiopia in 1965, her online biography stated. She was forced to undergo the "inhuman" procedure of female genital mutilation at the tender age of 5. Later on, she was forced to marry a man who was old enough to be her grandfather.

Engaging boys and men in working for girls and women's rights will benefit everyone

Great work is currently done around the world to make sure that the lives of girls and women are safe and prosperous. In the process, we should not leave out, boys and men, the other half of humanity because their participation will ensure the sustainability of our works.

All societies are filled with gender stereotypes; children regularly learn to adopt gender roles. These gender stereotypes and gender roles would vary depending of different factors such as the ethnicity, the cultural heritage, the financial status, the structure of the family.


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