Get Together Girls: Kenyan young women striving for a better life

It is not every year you come across a film about the continent of Africa and women that educates, inspires and motivates you to make a positive change, all at the same time. The documentary 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG) has done just that.

Grazia Orsolato, founder of GtoG, is working with one of her girls (Photo: Crocini)

As stated by Italian filmmaker Vanessa Crocini,  the 'Get Together Girls' (GtoG) project focuses on helping an making self-reliant former street girls who used to live in the slums of Kenya. These 'girls', who are actually young women, are not former prostitutes. Like many other children and teenagers who find themselves in the streets for various reasons, the young women from GtoG had face enormous challenges at a very young age. 

"They had to beg for money, slept in corridors, without any adult supervision or care. Often, they were  subject to abuse, neglect and violence." Crocini said. "Some of them got lucky because they were approached by volunteers or social workers from organizations that are dedicated to rehabilitate street children."

Get inspired. Watch the documentary GtoG (Photo: Crocini)

The documentary has exposed the environment and the hardship that street children in Kenya face on a daily basis. As stated in the documentary GtoG, many street children who went to rehabilitation homes feel lost and helpless when they finish their studies and have to enter the adult life. In this process, girls and young women are the most at risk. Through the GtoG project, the young women involved have found more than one reason to smile. 'Get Together Girls' is a clothing design project for women that aims to improve the lives of young women and their families, started by Grazia (Grace) Orsolato.

"'Get Together Girls' is only one of the many other possibilities for young women to be empowered, making them the fundamental part of projects that focus on their professional and creative capabilities." Crocini said. "This was one positive African story that everyone needs to know!"

GtoG: Kenyan young women striving for a better life (Photo: Crocini)

Throughout her documentary, Crocini has remained respectful but truthful to the young women who had welcomed her in their lives. The documentary is captivating and inspiring. Even though most of the film takes place in Kenya, some parts are also shown in Italy, the country of Crocini and Grazia (Grace), the founder of the project GtoG.  

Under the loving but tough leadership of Grazia (Grace), the viewers are introduced to the worlds and watch how they adjust to each other. Grazia from Italy and the GtogG from Kenya. Clearly, patience, perseverance and hard work are some of the key words that jump out from the relationships between Grazia (Grace) and the GtoG young women. 

The final goal of GtoG is to inspire women to help other women. (Photo: Crocini)

"I hope this film will inspired the W&;A community to support similar projects on the continent of Africa, and eventually start collaborations to support and help them grow." Crocini said.

For Crocini, the final goal of her film is to inspire other to take the next step to active change, particularly women helping women. We believe Crocini is on the right track.

For more info about the 'Get Together Girls' project, please click here.

Get Together Girls - TRAILER from Vanessa Crocini on Vimeo.

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