SuperAfrican is now here

SuperAfrican is Kenyan artist Sila Mutungi's new alterego. Created in conjunction with Visila Comics, SuperAfrican is a new comic series, created to serve as a role model for children across the continent. Set in 2045, the comic tells the story of a modern day superhero, as he tackles some of the continents notorious issues such as poverty, corruption and greed.

In the afterward in issue one of SuperAfrican, Mutungi states, 'African children face problems hard for people from western countries to even conceive of, such as hunger, drought, genocide, extreme poverty and AIDS. And it’s about time they had a hero of their own to look to for inspiration.'

SuperAfrican was launched back in February alongside Mutungi's latest album bearing the same name. All proceeds from the comic sales are being made to OneMama, an organization that helps to provide Ugandan women with sustainable employment, health and education. The comic and LP are available to purchase at Amazon. 

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