New leadership for the Republic of Malawi

Whenever there is a new and smooth political transition, we get very excited at! Two years ago, we were excited for the people of the Federal Republic of Somalia whose lawmakers have elected political moderate Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the country's new president. 
Malawi's new President Peter Muthaika (Photo: Aljazeera) 
This time, the people of the Republic of Malawi have actively and peacefully voted for their new leader. Professor Arthur Peter Muthaika, the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party and brother' of Malawi's former leader is the winner of the country's disputed presidential election, Aljazeera stated. 

It is a new day for the people of the Republic of Malawi. At, we congratulate you for reminding us on the continent that peace is the way to go. We are happy for you!

 Even though the international media loves to repeat again and again that Malawi is one of the poorest nations in the world, we state that the Republic of Malawi has a bright future!

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