Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to her baby girl Maya

Currently, there is an ongoing conversation, on whether Sudan will free Meriam Ibrahim or not. In the midst of this tragic situation, Ibrahim gave birth to a healthy girl named Maya. Meriam Ibrahim was forced to give birth with her legs shackled in jail, the Daily Mail reported. Please join us in our campaign Save Meriam Ibrahim.
Proud father Daniel Wani is holding Maya, his daugther (Photo: The Daily Mail)

According to BBC, a foreign ministry official said that Sudanese authorities are to free her for having abandoned the Islamic faith. Lifenews stated that Meriam Ibrahim will appeal to the International Court for their client's execution.

The Week stated that Sudan denies retracting death sentence and the announcement was made 'out of context.'However, stated Ibrahim will be executed after she has weaned Maya. Even though there is no actual date set, Ibrahim's execution is expected in the next two years.

27-year old Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to hang, because she has refused to renounce her Christianity and convert to Islam and for marrying a Christian man, a U.S. citizen named Daniel Wani. She will receive 100 lashes before she is executed, the Daily Mail reported.

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